Album: Pretty Pink – Born Digital (Deep Woods)

Pretty Pink is a melodic house/techno artist who over the last decade has risen to become one of the genre’s most distinguished artists and in 2023 she is releasing her debut album, Born Digital.Based in Germany, Pretty Pink is known for her immersive blend of epic synth lines and techy percussion that combine to create melodic tracks with uplifting energy and her tracks and remixes can be heard on prestigious record labels ranging from Embassy One to Anjunabeats for acts like Armin van Buuren and Lost Frequencies.  Born Digital is coming out via Pretty Pink’s highly respected Deep Woods record label that shares her uplifting style with soaring melodies and punchy percussion. The album is a culmination of her career to date and features 14 tracks that have been master crafted to unfold in a wave of emotive energy.

After opening with the album’s title track, the release takes flight with pulsating basslines, haunting vocals and feel-good vibes that make you want to hit the dance floor. Although the tracks are DJ friendly and made with nightclubs in mind, the captivating melodies and spellbinding vocals ensure it’s also got all the ingredients for home listening. Those who listen to Pretty Pink’s Deep Woods Radio Show might already be familiar with some of the tracks, but they are just pieces of a jigsaw that when you step back to see the full picture is truly magnificent. It’s a sonic tapestry full of vibrant colors that flow into each other with an eloquent sense of purposeful design. The album flows like a DJ set and showcases Pretty Pink’s innate ability to tell a story with music that captures the imagination while moving mind, body and soul.