Cosmicat – The Saudi Arabian selector & the first female DJ to rise from the Kingdom’s electronic music scene releases debut 3-track EP, ‘Ascension’

CosmicatThe Saudi Arabian selector releases her anticipated debut 3-track EP, Ascension The unstoppable rising star and first female DJ to emerge from the Kingdom’s exciting electronic music scene also unveils new single Baby


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Cosmicat – the Jeddah born and raised artist who continues to forge an impressive reputation as the first female DJ to rise from the exciting underground electronic music scene in Saudi Arabia releases her anticipated debut EP, Ascension. Consisting of three-tracks including new single Baby, along with featuring a new visualizer for Can You Feel, Cosmicat’s Ascension EP is out now via MDLBEAST Records Following a string of new singles, statement performances at the FIFA Fan Festival during the World Cup and delivering insightful talks at XP Music Futures music conferences on the Saudi Arabian electronic music scene, Cosmicat’s new EP is the next step in her artistic ascendency. First unveiled in November of last year with opening single Set Me Free, the full EP demonstrates Cosmicat’s ability to weave between hypnotising vocals, complexed melodies, and floor-filling drum arrangements, whilst bound together by her habitual grit and a newfound vision for a global audience.

“Ascension is my first solo EP with 3 tracks included, it’s my musical journal about the things that matters the most to me, my emancipation as a young adult woman and finding the freedom to be myself. It’s about my love for music and about that special feeling I get every time I’m listening and become deeply connected to sound. This experience itself is the equivalent of the ultimate freedom for me. And most importantly, a track for my cats who got me through a lot by just existing beside me, Ascension means growth and moving on into finding myself” – Cosmicat

As one of the most intriguing talents in dance music today, 2023 will see Cosmicat take to the stage at a number of the industry’s biggest festivals including Ultra Music Festival and more which are soon to be announced.  Having opened Boiler Room’s first ever broadcast in Bahrain last year, the Saudi Arabian selector has focused on crafting her own signature sound and blend of tech house and melodic deep house.  

Cosmicat’s Ascension EP illustrates a passage of ambition and a level of potency in her productions that will not only further define her musical identity but will continue to propel her further globally.  Across each of her productions, Cosmicat offers an intriguing glimpse into an artist at the forefront of the Kingdom’s creative boom, where imagination and innovation are the pillars of a vibrant society.  Despite formative limited access to musical equipment yet growing up inspired by and passionate about Saudi music, Cosmicat’s electronic music focuses on tones and rhythms that are naturally anthemic and are a thrilling gaze into her performances at the likes of Tomorrowland, EXIT Festival and MDLBEAST’s Soundstorm, sharing the stage with such prolific names as Peggy GouJamie Jones and Solomun.   Spearheading an important movement happening both in her home country and beyond, Cosmicat’s rise to profile comes as young Saudi women begin to explore new boundaries and the country adjusts its attitudes to dance music.  Conquering the underground scenes of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the process, Cosmicat has now emerged with a clear musical identity as a formidable symbol connecting cultures, nations, and her global electronic fanbase.