Rezident returns with mesmerising new EP Air

Berlin-based producer Rezident returns with his spellbinding new EP Air, releasing on 5th

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A tight three-track release, the EP kicks off with the throbbing synths and emotive textures of
title track ‘Air’, with ethereal lead vocals and melodic bass flourishes setting the tone. ‘Elevate’
is a more brooding techno affair, with its crescendo of deep synth tones showing off
Rezident’s flair for atmospheric sound design. Taking the EP to its climax, ‘Vortex’ ups the
ante even further, layering reverberating arpeggios and whooshes of distortion over a polished
house groove.
With house, electro, techno, or dance music as a whole, there’s a specific sweet spot where a
tune can just as easily be rinsed on a hazy dancefloor as it can be received like a looping

spiritual mantra, bridging a unique gap between celebration and therapy. Rezident, the project
of emerging 24-year-old producer David Roif of Karlsruhe, the city in Germany’s southern
Baden-Württemberg state, demonstrates that electronic music best sustains itself when these
separate entities interlock. Citing a consistent flow of Deadmau5 which influenced him growing
up, and taking notes from progressive canons like Bicep, Rezident’s 2023 is warming up—fast.
Like his counterparts growing up in the technologically-accessible 2010s, Rezident
downloaded various music programs on his Windows PC laptop at the age of 12, eager to
concoct his own melodies after hearing a ringtone his sister’s friend composed on her Nokia
cellphone. There, he gathered essential production techniques, like layering, streamlining, and
learning when to walk away from a track for a while. Today, at points in his intimate but
expanding discography, reverberating chords informed by deep house accents whirl in and out,
only to have sharp hi-hats and intermittent whooshes sober the ethereality. Such instances
mark Rezident’s desire for a more minimal and honest approach to producing, one which
contrasts from his earlier school of beatmaking, self-described as “commercial”, trusting the
project and himself.
Following 2020’s Chapters and last year’s On Fire on Anjunadeep, Air is another beguiling
addition to Rezident’s releases, and proof of the Berliner’s evolution as a producer of
progressive electronic music