Richie Hawtin; the electronic music visionary and techno pioneer unveils winning PhD Scholarship at the University of Huddersfield

Richie HawtinThe electronic music visionary and techno pioneer unveilswinning PhD Scholarship at the University of Huddersfield In Conversation event to take place with Richie Hawtin at the University October 17th  




A PhD Scholarship winner in the name of electronic musician, DJ and techno pioneer Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman, has now been unveiled at the University of Huddersfield. Pierre Griscelli, a 37 year old French native has been awarded with a full three year waiver of tuition fees for the full-time PhD study titled The Richie Hawtin PhD Scholarship in Electronic Music, Cultures and Production and starting this September will receive supervision from the facilities internationally renowned staff, including tutorial support from Richie Hawtin himself.  Today’s announcement not only signals the next phase in Richie Hawtin’s dedication to music education and lifelong commitment to support the development of the electronic music scene but gives detail of his participation in a live onstage discussion alongside the winning holder of the scholarship Pierre Griscelli. moderated by the university’s Professor of Music and Head of Department of Music and Design Arts Prof. Rupert Till BA(Hons) MA PhD FHEA CMgr FCMI.   Richie Hawtin, In Conversation 
at the University of Huddersfield takes place Tuesday 17th October within the Oastler Building at the University of Huddersfield.  Tickets are free but require advance reservation.  As the winning applicant, electronic performer, sound designer and producer Pierre Griscelli was selected for his research proposal titled: “Techno Hardware-centric, Real-time, Improvisation, Performance and Production Solution” which seeks to explore the true creative and technical benefits and challenges of using hardware synthesizers in the production of techno music; as well as the distinct intersection of music production and performance. A field deeply embraced throughout the celebrated career of electronic music pioneer Richie Hawtin, Pierre Griscelli’s winning research aim is to provide insights and recommendations that can advance knowledge in the field of music production, notably around real-time composition, improvisation and creativity. “It is an honor to have been entrusted with this research in electronic music. Beyond the gratifying acknowledgment of being selected, I recognize the substantial responsibility that comes with it. It involves striking a harmonious balance between art, technology, social dynamics and academia, guided by the mentorship of Richie Hawtin. These facets are interconnected and require careful navigation that I am proud to explore in my research titled THRiPPS: Techno Hardware-centric, Real-time, Improvisation, Performance, and Production Solution.”  Pierre Griscelli