Romanian Techno Producer Michael Ius Unveils Hypnotic Deep Techno EP “Ohh Really”

Romanian techno artist Michael Ius releases the EP “Ohh Really,” showcasing his hypnotic blend of deep techno. Known for his unique sound, Michael Ius draws inspiration from dark atmospheres and irregular sounds, transporting listeners into a mesmerizing electronic journey. Michael Ius’ sound captivates with its intricate arrangements, pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

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With early support from influential DJs and releases on labels like Kollective Synergie and Out of Place, Michael Ius continues to make waves in the underground music scene.


“Ohh Really” represents a culmination of Michael Ius’ journey as a techno producer, marked by significant personal and creative growth. Embracing technological advancements such as Sonarworks, he has honed his production skills, resulting in a newfound confidence in his sound. By eschewing traditional demo submissions in favour of personally reaching out to influential DJs, Michael Ius has garnered early support from industry stalwarts, propelling him further towards his musical aspirations.


Experience the hypnotic sounds of “Ohh Really and his full EP” on Bandcamp, and join Michael Ius on his musical journey as he explores the depths of deep techno.