Len Faki drops ‘Fusion EP 03/03’ EP ahead of full LP release

Len Faki has released ‘Fusion EP 03/03’ EP on 16th June ahead of its full LP release via his own imprint Figure.

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When writing his album ‘Fusion’, Len Faki never quite knew where the creative process would take him. Eventually it transported his sound into an all new realm, where he could show 360 degrees his talents and styles. Finally finding completion as a mighty double LP, the Figure x37 EP takes four of the album’s new cuts to be presented in this special format ahead of the official release of Fusion.

An important corner stone of the album, the Halide tracks were made in remembrance of Faki’s late mother, who passed away during the last production stage of the LP. These delicate tracks, which both feature the voice of ‘Halide’, capture the intense sadness Faki was feeling at the time and helped him to process his grief and eventually finish off the album. ‘Part 1’ is a softly mourning, melancholic breakbeat ballad, musically reminiscent of the chillout rooms Faki found himself spending a lot of time at going out to clubs throughout the 90s. The much darker second part, echoing the hopeless bleeps of a heart rate monitor, will only be released on the full album.

Next to this very personal track are more examples of Faki’s versatility as an artist, who has seen it all and now uses the album format to work without any constraints or expectations.

On ‘Tor 8’ Faki combines his driving techno and strong melodic elements, subdued chords rising to create an atmosphere of euphoria, while a classic bleep keeps things on track.

A gentle yet gritty electro homage, ‘Make Me Scream’ is a take on the classic breakbeat from days long gone, with hollow drums and a mysteriously sweet vocal lurking underneath the track’s soothing pads and lively synth riffs.

‘Astra’ (taken from Fusion’s more straight-laced disc one) is the most punchy outing of the record, but it still comes with a myriad of detailed sounds to explore amongst its tight-knit rhythmic corset. Twinkly synths slowly rise to make the track bloom into its full, exuberantly colourful form.

With x37 readied, it’s only a few weeks until the final release of the Fusion double-album.